Nirmal Raj Joshi, Email:, +81-080-9870-1360, Japan.


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  • N.R. Joshi, A. Matsumoto, S. Asamoto,T. Miura and Y. Kawabata, Investigation of the mechanical behaviour of concrete with severe delayed ettringite formation expansion focusing on internal damage propagation under various compressive loading patterns, 2022.

  • N.R. Joshi, S. Pakawat, T. Sriprasong and S. Asamoto, Time-Dependent Deformation of a Concrete Arch Dam in Thailand - Numerical Study on Effect of Alkali Silica Reaction on Deflection of Arch. Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology, 2021.

  • A. Matsumoto, N.R. Joshi, S. Asamoto and Y. Kawabata, DEF膨張が生じたコンクリートの圧縮応力下での内部損傷進行の検討, 2021. コンクリート工学年次論文集. pp 227–232, 42, 01/2021

  • N.R. Joshi, Matsumoto Ayumu, T. Sriprasong and S. Asamoto, Study on swelling effect due to ASR and DEF on reinforced concrete, ConMat20, 2020.

  • T. Sriprasong, S. Asamoto and N.R. Joshi, Study on the combined alkali silica reaction and delayed ettringite formation, International Journal of GEOMATE, 2020.

  • T. Sriprasong, T. Okobo, N.R. Joshi and S. Asamoto Study of Expansion and Subsequent Damage Due to ASR and DEF, IABMS Conference, 2019.

  • K. T. Nguyen, N.R. Joshi and S. Asamoto, Preliminary field survey of traffic bridges with short span in Northern Vietnam by non-destructive methods, Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE) Symposium, 2018.

  • N.R. JoshiStudy on shrinkage mechanism of cementitious materials based on liquid characteristics, Saitama University, 2015 (abstract)

  • S. Asamoto, N.R. Joshi, Investigation of volumetric change of cementitious materials at different temperature and relative humidity based on pore-liquid interaction, Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE) Symposium, Osaka, 2014. (abstract) (symposium paper list)
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  • जापानी उखान टुक्का 日本のことばざ ISBN 979-8827323914
  • Japanese Proverbs ISBN 979-8838104205
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  • 2017- Energy Audits in Hydro-power Projects in Nepal
  • 2016- Introduction to Structural Health Monitoring
  • 2015- The Stone House- Innovative Gabion Housing for temporary and semi‐permanent settlement


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